Performance Review

What is Performance Review Software?

Performance Review Software (also known as Employee Evaluation Software) is basically there to automate the lengthy and complex task of evaluating a company’s employees. The result of such efficient evaluation allows for management to identify employee strengths and weaknesses, with the aim of employees aligning better with the needs of a company.

There are a market trends you need to understand when evaluating what Performance Review Software to use:

Software integration
HR systems are often part of fully integrated suites, allowing to integrated HR with accounting and other relevant systems. Performance review software is often an integral part of systems used by larger companies, as it helps to track employees alongside with the company’s lifecycle.

Vendor consolidation
Software companies are acquiring many best-of-breed solutions in order to integrate them all as part of their software offerings. This means that buyers purchasing solutions from them will benefit from that full integration.

Deployment model
Software as a Service is the most popular approach to HR, offering better accessibility and more functions. This cloud approach helps to involve everyone in the process of performance review; from the management to the employees themselves.

Key features

Here are the common features involved in Performance Review  software:

Accessing employee information
Information on employee performance and other information related to employees can be easily accessed and shared by management and HR staff. This helps to evaluated staff on a regular basis.

Employee Reporting
Real-time reports are sent out to the relevant departments about employee’s performances. Those performance reports are sent out at regular intervals to ensure employee review is done regularly.

Taking note of employee goals and performance
The system allows managers and HR to add regular notes about how well their employees perform their tasks and how well they meet their goals. Those notes are added to the system and will be part of the reports sent out to management.

Keeping electronic records
The digitalization of employee records ensures that none of those records get lost and are easy to access. Furthermore, it gets rid of the old paper format which is prone to more incidents of data loss.

Rating employee performance
Managers and team leaders can rate individual employee’s performances in real time so that the information will be available later for employee appraisal.

Why Use Performance Review Software

There are many benefits to purchasing and using Performance Review software:

  • It is easier to convey energy to employees by setting goals and regular performance reviews. The process of engaging employees is easier, and it helps to bring the most talent out of each employee. It also allows to find which employees are best at doing their jobs so that those employees can be kept and best looked after.
  • Taking advantage of Performance Review Software can lead to good and accurate employee reviews which ensures that a company’s bottom line is being taken care off.
  • A good review system will lead to better development of the workforce, with staff who fails to meet performance targets having a bigger incentive to get better.
  • Time is saved as the performance review process is centralized into the one system, also eliminating the need to share different paper documents and therefore reducing the risks of evaluation errors being made.

Your use of Performance Review software will vary depending on your needs and the needs of your business:

  • Small businesses and buyers on a budget will want to find a web-based performance review solution. This will allow for smaller initial costs, whilst still being able to engage with their employees, as well as keeping their workforce motivated.
  • Mid-sized businesses and buyers looking for specific best-of-breed solutions may already have a Human Resources management system. As such they are looking for a performance review module which can integrate with their existing system in order to help tracking and reviewing their employees.
  • Large Organizations will often want to purchase a fully integrated Human Resources Management system, which will include a specific module for performance review. Fully integrated HR software offers the best and most complete software solutions, allowing for the process of performance review to be more efficient for the managers as well as the employees.


by SutiSoft

SutiHR is a suite of human resources (HR) applications that can be implemented in companies in a variety of industries. Key features include personnel tracking, payroll, time and attendance, performance review, employee self-service and on-boarding.SutiHR offers employee on-boarding tools like applicant tracking, applicant dashboards and e-notifications. Interviews can be arranged with SutiHR’s scheduling calendar and automatic email notifications. With the employee self-service portal, employees can manage their own information, training, benefits, reporting and more. The portal also includes group and commenting capabilities.


by WebHR

WebHR is social human resources software that tracks and assists with the lifecycle of employment from the time an employee is hired, to their retirement. The platform helps bridge the gap between human resources professionals and information technology.The system’s functionalities include personnel tracking, payroll with multi-currency and multi-language support, benefits administration, applicant tracking, applicant sourcing, onboarding, and performance review. With the time and attendance feature managers can track their employees hours and the system integrates with most biometric devices such as finger scanning or card readers.

Performance Culture

by Performance Culture

Performance Culture, Inc. is a web-based performance management platform that helps managers and employees improve performance through continuous coaching, timely feedback and meaningful recognition. The platform is designed to align company goals with employee expectations, coach employees on both performance and key behaviors, and manage team members using the performance values matrix.Key Features: (1) CHECK-INs allow Managers and Employees to give frequent feedback; (2) PERFORMANCE REVIEWS include self-assessments, multi-manager feedback, and advanced reporting; (3) 360 DEGREE FEEDBACK supports both peer and client feedback; (4) The LEARNING LIBRARY is used for onboarding and developing employees; and (5) EMPLOYEE SURVEYS help managers measure workplace satisfaction and employee engagement.


by BiznusSoft

HRMSSoft is an easy to use, scalable human capital management system suitable for companies of just about any size seeking a single, fully integrated system to more effectively manage their workforce. HRMSSoft includes a complete suite of seamlessly integrated HR modules, including benefits management, recruiting, performance management, payroll, performance management, and more.Built 100% natively on the powerful platform, HRMSSoft was designed to look and behave in a way that's familiar to users. Having the system built on the cloud-based platform makes it extremely customizable, as well as highly scalable. As well, this cloud-based deployment allows users to access the software anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Capabilities can br extended by utilizing other technologies, like Salesforce and Salesforce Chatter.

Deltek Talent Management

by Deltek Talent Management

Deltek offers a unified SaaS-based talent management solution which helps businesses to hire, develop and retain talented resource. The solution offers complete visibility into the hiring process and helps recruiters fill open positions quickly.The solution offers complete employee lifecycle management including talent acquisition and onboarding, performance and compensation management, learning and training management, as well as talent development and succession planning. Deltek Talent Management is available as a modular system, which means that companies can choose exactly what they need. Each solution is available as best-of-breed, or standalone, but can also be combined with other modules.

PeopleStrategy eHCM

by PeopleStrategy

PeopleStrategy eHCM® is an enterprise-level, cloud-based human capital managment (HCM) solution. It features integrated payroll, HRIS, employee and manager self-service, applicant tracking, benefits administration, workforce management, performance management, compliance, reporting and analytics.eHCM gives users self-service capabilities and provides a consistent user experience across any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone). It is designed to help reduce costs, increase productivity and improve employee engagement.


by PeopleStreme

Peoplestreme provides a fully integrated Human Capital Management software suite.Their platform is made up of more than 22 separate software modules, including Performance Management, Learning & Development, eRecruitment, OnBoarding, Employee Surveys (Engagement, Attachment, Exit), Talent Management, Remuneration, Employee Self Service, Workforce Analytics, and more.


by emplo

Emplo is a web-based performance management suite additionally available as an app on IOS and Android phones.The system uses a centralized communication and collaboration portal to engage employees around individual and company-wide performance objectives. Role-based permissions provide control over what users can see and do in the application.Emplo allows for management of skills inventories, competency models, performance reviews, 360/270/180/90 competency assessments, individual development plans, configurable performance reviews, instant feedback, plus corporate and cascading individual goals. Automated notification of performance related events is managed through a news feed, tasks and email messaging.

StarGarden HCM

by StarGarden

StarGarden offers Core HR functionality in an integrated HCM platform, featuring applications like Payroll, Time and Attendance, Benefits Administration, Applicant Tracking and Onboarding, Employee Scheduling, Goal Management, and Performance Reviews. Recruiting, Onboarding, Training, and Performance can all be found in one place, allowing employers to post jobs, transfer successful applicants to employee status, and enroll current employees in training programs to manage their skills and give performance feedback. StarGarden’s Payroll module integrates with automated time clocks, tracking time worked, vacations, and leave, and can also manage absences and wage garnishments. StarGarden features a module for data and analytics, giving employers insight into their organization through dashboards and pre-defined reports.

Primalogik 360

by Primalogik Software Solutions

Primalogik 360 is a web-based performance reviews solution for human resources (HR) professionals. It combines three talent management modules into one integrated platform: performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback and opinion surveys.Primalogik 360 is geared towards small to mid-sized companies in almost any vertical, including accounting firms, construction firms, and non-profit organizations. Users can also access the program with any web browser, Mac or PC, and on iPads. Primalogik helps users evaluate employee performance by gathering anonymous feedback from everyone from peers to upper management. It also allows users to organize feedback for each employee with three steps: employee self-review, review from a manager, and then those results are shared.


by engagedly

Engagedly is a web-based workforce management solution that offers integrated applications to manage on-boarding, employee learning, performance review, and goal management. The software focuses on communication and collaboration among employees.The Rewards tool attributes points to different actions which can then be awarded to employees to recognize them for meeting goals. Objectives and key results can be tracked within a system, so employees are able to monitor where they measure up. The software tracks core competencies, providing management with information to make decisions and plans for their team’s development. Engagedly also has the option of sending surveys for company feedback.


by HR Technology Solutions

HRToolbench® is a modular, web-based talent management suite developed by HR experts for HR professionals. HR Technology Solutions recognized the need to treat a company's human capital as a valued asset and designed HRToolbench to offer innovative, sophisticated talent management functionality, as well as a variety of pre-loaded content, all accessible within a fully integrated, affordable and user-friendly system.HRToolbench includes six fully integrated modules: Job Description, Candidate Selection, 360 Feedback, Performance Management, Succession Planning and Compensation Administration. These modules work in tandem, distributing key information about each employee across the organization, which both ensures data consistency and reduces data entry workload. Pricing for the SaaS solution is a low monthly subscription based on your company's employee count and the modules your team is using.

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