Employee Scheduling

What is Employee Scheduling software?

Creating schedules for employees can be time consuming, and getting it wrong can lead to reducing a company’s productivity. Employee scheduling software can create those schedules as well as tracking and managing them by sending reminders, scheduling customers, managing calendars and other functionalities.

There are different trends you need to understand when evaluating what Employee Scheduling software to use:

Industry specialisation
Software vendors offer employee scheduling solutions which are industry-specific. Different businesses will have different needs when it comes to scheduling; and it is important to choose a software package that is customized to your specific business needs.

Software evaluation
There are a lot of different employee scheduling solutions available, and the way most businesses assess which solution is best for them is by checking the vendor’s references, as well ass getting an attorney to review the agreements. This will help to determine the financial liability of the vendors,

Pricing model
Most employee scheduling systems are sold on a Software as a Service basis. This method allows new employees and employers to access information straight from the cloud. It also keeps new employees from having access to in-house systems; increasing the security of the process. The pricing either takes place on a monthly or a yearly basis.

Key features

Here are the common features involved in Employee Scheduling software:

Creating and changing schedules
The system manages schedules, allowing managers and employees to create, see and adjust schedules easily. Some software will helps to automatically populate the relevant fields.

Tracking employees & Time clock
Helps employees to clock in and out of work using their computer, tablets or even smart phones. Systems will track employee activity based on logins and other factors, allowing management to ensure that schedules are being respected.

Online schedules
Schedules can be passed and distributed across the whole employee network; ensuring the right schedules reach the right employees in the right department.

Creation of reports
This creates reports so that management can see if staff is holding up to the schedule. Employee working hours as well as staff clocking and absence helps to give managers a better idea of employee workload. Those reports can also help employees assess their work and help keep them on schedule.

Why Use Employee Scheduling software

There are many benefits to purchasing and using Employee Scheduling software:

  • Schedules can be easily created, accessed and modified. Contact between management and employees about scheduling needs is better, leading to an overall increase in efficiency and accuracy of scheduling.
  • Communication between employees and management is made clearer, resulting in less confusion and less miscommunications about staff scheduling. A good communication between management and employees can contribute greatly to the success of a business.
  • Managers have better supervision over schedule budgeting and overtime.Some good insight about expenses, both current and future, can help to keep labor costs down.
  • Being able to track employee hours allows for a business to keep in compliance with working hours limitations imposed by labor and union laws. This avoids staff working too many hours, especially for employees with different entitlements such as people receiving disability benefits and minors.

Your use of Employee Scheduling software will vary depending on your needs and the needs of your business:

  • Small businesses might not require a full scheduling suite, especially if they have a limited amount of employees. Modules such as online schedule distribution and time clock functionality should however prove beneficial to ensure employees understand the schedule and work the hours they are supposed too.
  • Mid-sized businesses might want to look at more complex tools, and features such as schedule creation and modification will allow managers to save time and create appropriate schedules for their employee base. Tracking those employees will also ensure that the workforce is sticking to schedule.
  • Large businesses will want a comprehensive scheduling solution which will integrate with all their other software. A good line of communication between the management and its multiple staff is the only way to ensure that schedules are swiftly met. Also, compliance will also be a very important aspect, as it is easy for some numbers to slip through the cracks when dealing with a large workforce.
  • Different businesses will prioritise on different aspects of scheduling. For example, a healthcare organisation will want software to deal with the complex nature of shift work; managing absences and last minute notifications. A retail organization on the other hand will want a system which can organize schedules across different store locations.

Reflexis Workforce Manager is an ACA-compliant solution that helps mid-sized and large companies in the retail, hospitality, and quick service restaurant verticals manage employee scheduling, attendance, budgeting, labor forecasting, and employee self-service.Reflexis Workforce Manager can increase manager efficiency and store revenue by aligning workforce schedules with customer demand in the aisles. It can help eliminate error-prone, paper-based labor management processes by generating optimized schedules factoring in variables such as customer demand, employee skills & preferences, store characteristics, and labor laws. It uses retail-centric labor optimization algorithms built at MIT's Operations Research Lab to rapidly generate labor schedules. Analytics and reporting allows leaders to build and share reports that analyze customer and workforce data and provide insight into productivity and customer engagement.


by PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter helps in automating manual processes and consolidating talent and workforce management processes in a single system. The integrated suite comprises of three main modules—PeopleMatter HIRE, LEARN and SCHEDULE. PeopleMatter HIRE automates recruiting, applicant tracking, employment screening and onboarding processes in one centralized software system. Integration with major job boards and social media networks, coupled with a mobile-friendly job application system helps recruiters attract more candidates from multiple sources.PeopleMatter LEARN is a learning management system that allows companies to create training courses, assign content to employees and track progress and comprehension. PeopleMatter SCHEDULE optimizes employee scheduling by allowing managers to control labor costs, while creating schedules that are compliant with labor laws, company policies and employee preferences.

EPAY Human Capital Management is an integrated HR system that helps midsize and large companies track, manage and pay their employees. EPAY Systems specializes in industries like business services, staffing, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality.Functions of EPAY HCM include applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits administration, workforce management, time tracking and payroll. Alongside core HR functionality, you can track benefits, schedule employees, track time and attendance and process payroll. The system helps recruit talent and automates the hiring and onboarding process, eliminating manual data entry.


by MHR

iTrent is not restricted to any industry or size of company and offers companies personnel tracking, applicant tracking, learning management, payroll, applicant sourcing, goal management, benefits administration, on-boarding management, employee scheduling, time and attendance, and compensation management solutions. It offers real-time reporting on all HR processes to help guide workforce decisions.

StarGarden HCM

by StarGarden

StarGarden offers Core HR functionality in an integrated HCM platform, featuring applications like Payroll, Time and Attendance, Benefits Administration, Applicant Tracking and Onboarding, Employee Scheduling, Goal Management, and Performance Reviews. Recruiting, Onboarding, Training, and Performance can all be found in one place, allowing employers to post jobs, transfer successful applicants to employee status, and enroll current employees in training programs to manage their skills and give performance feedback. StarGarden’s Payroll module integrates with automated time clocks, tracking time worked, vacations, and leave, and can also manage absences and wage garnishments. StarGarden features a module for data and analytics, giving employers insight into their organization through dashboards and pre-defined reports.


by EPAY Systems

Blueforce by EPAY Systems is a time and labor management system created to conform to the unique labor needs, compliance requirements and working environments of any organization. As a cloud-based system, Blueforce offers the options of mixing and matching a variety of time-tracking devices according to the specific needs of a company.The system includes a labor-budgeting module that operates in real-time, providing maximum visibility into all labor expenses. Payroll dollars can be managed by site, client or task, and the system monitors expenditures and provides alerts when a company comes close to hitting a particular budget.

With ISGUS Time Management, you have a scalable Time and Attendance solution that can be tailored to your business now, and adapt as your needs and requirements evolve. In addition to Time and Attendance, ISGUS Time Management also includes capabilities for employee scheduling and absence management, as well as additional feature for a biometric fingerprint clock and mobile accessibility.ISGUS Time Management lowers administrative workload by centralizing time clocks, attendance, and scheduling into a single, user-friendly system. By automating these routine tasks, you reduce the need for manual schedule management while also lowering costs. At the same time, Time and Attendance by ISGUS allows you to define the most flexible, optimal time patterns according to a number of variables, all customized to your unique needs.

Workforce Central is an automated solution that enables organizations to manage schedules, track time and attendance, manage attendance and leave policies and measure productivity. Additional features give managers insight into labor demands, worker availability and scheduling across the organization. The user interface includes one-click access to frequently used features and a customizable employee self-service portal. Suite-wide reporting and analytics provide managers with visibility into standardized data via alerts and dashboards.


by Mitrefinch

Mitrefinch is a provider of workforce management solutions suited for medium to large organizations. This custom tailored solution includes time and attendance management, self-service, employee scheduling, absence management and HR management. The solution offers both mobile and hosted options.Mitrefinch is used by a wide range of organizations worldwide and is suited for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation and logistics, mining, construction, government and healthcare.


by Synerion

With modules for time and attendance, staff scheduling and more, Synerion Workforce Management Solutions suites are suitable for organizations of all sizes looking to cut labor costs and automate worker attendance.Able to be deployed on-premise or through the cloud, flexibility is a point of emphasis. Employees can clock in and out through any device, and time off requests can be submitted, tracked and approved in-suite, with the ability for workers to attach relevant documents, such as medical certificates.


by Celayix

Celayix Software is a time and attendance and employee scheduling solution designed to assist organizations manage their labor workforce. This business solution is suitable for businesses scaling from a small, single store retailer to larger, multi-location companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and retail. The solution can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid and operates on both Mac and Windows platforms.Software training is offered both online and onsite, and additional support and maintenance are accessible by phone or email.


by HotSchedules

HotSchedules is an online restaurant management platform that delivers scheduling, workforce, talent and inventory management tools. The solution offers tools that enable restaurant owners to recruit workforce, develop and share training courses with the staff, track business productivity and manage day-to-day restaurant operations.HotSchedules enables businesses to develop learning content for employees. HotSchedules is designed to accommodate all styles of content type, including video tutorials, documents, audio presentations and more. The scheduling feature enables administrators and managers to plan shifts and monitor labor attendance.

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