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While many Applicant Tracking systems put a good amount of emphasis on managing resumes and paperwork, VidCruiter takes a completely different approach, revolutionizing the way companies evaluate candidates. By allowing users to watch recorded interviews at their own pace, the system makes the most of the often limited time recruiters have for interviewing candidates and scoring applications.

With VidCruiter, recruiters can decide how many (or how few) questions need to be asked to determine whether or not a candidate is a good fit for a position, and present those questions in each application. From there, applicants can record their answers to each question, allowing recruiters to get the most accurate picture of how applicants present themselves.

Traditional phone interviews, while useful, leave recruiters with only their notes to reference after the call is finished. VidCruiter’s interviews can be replayed as often as needed, so that an applicant’s answers to each question can be properly analyzed. Often, the quality of an applicant can’t always be determined by a resume or application, and VidCruiter does a great job of providing a platform to accurately measure the qualitative data that can be overlooked by more traditional methods.

We like the flexibility of VidCruiter’s recorded interviews, and for companies looking to expand internationally, VidCruiter provides an easy way to interview candidates in any time zone. Interviews that catch a recruiter’s eye can be shared with others within the team, and each person evaluating can score and rank the candidate compared to others within the pipeline.

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