Recruitment Agency Software


by mindSCOPE Staffing Software

CURA understands that while applicant tracking and recruiting spans across almost all industries, it is a completely unique field with its own specialized requirements. The system was created to serve the needs of recruiters everywhere while still providing a medium that is adaptable to any industry or field. Most elements can be customized to reflect the terminology specific to any industry, making questionnaires applicable and relevant.

Big Biller

by Top Echelon

Big Biller was designed around a three-step system for fast data entry and quick, accurate searches. This powerful recruiting package comes with unique set of features and tools specific to the industry. Resumes can be emailed directly into the system. From there, the Premium Parser extracts all relevant information from the resume to create a candidate profile - eliminating any manual entry. The Contact Import Wizard imports Excel spreadsheets or .csv files into the database instantly.

Crelate Talent

by Crelate

Crelate is best suited for executive search firms and other recruiters that manage a network of deep relationships. The system offers typical ATS features, along with a search function that allows users to dig into data of all types—resumes, their notes, recent activity, and more.

With its business intelligence platform, Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting Software provides the data and insights senior and mid-level management need to make the right business decisions. The software is highly configurable, allowing you to lay out screens according to your personal preferences and modify user interfaces. The software is web-based and paid for monthly based on number of users.


by Main Sequence Technology

All of this functionality works in tandem with powerful administrative and marketing metrics, which include bulk emailing, resume parsing, diversity tracking and document storage, and is hosted and available through the Internet. PCRecruiter is ideal for any industry, including staffing agencies, PEOs, maintenance and property management.

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