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Maintenance Connection is a web-based software system for maintenance management. It is targeted at organizations in general facilities management, healthcare, manufacturing, government, utilities, warehouses, energy development, travel agencies, and other specialized industries.

The system optimizes lifecycles of assets, tracks and manages maintenance costs, provides insight on possible equipment failures, streamlines labor efforts, and performs other crucial tasks for meeting the full potential of maintenance and facility management. Maintenance Connection has won the Product of the Year Award, named by Plant Engineering.

Maintenance Connection is completely web-based, running inside the user’s Internet browser; it can be hosted online or on the customer’s own work site. Integration capabilities are directly built in to the system. The system is designed to scale freely, serving businesses with as few as 10 users or with as many as 10,000. It runs on the Microsoft SQL Server Relational Database Engine.

Maintenance Connection is designed to readily integrate with other systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and Computer Aided Facility Management Software. The homepage for each user is tailored according to the role within the organization, allowing for maximum efficiency when any given employee logs in. To direct the user to the most pressing issues, work assignments, requests, and other objectives that need immediate attention are highlighted in red to avoid accidental neglect.

The system also includes a customizable calendar that depicts employee work schedules and how they relate to one another. A special feature in the system, called “My Matrix,” allows work order information to be displayed using an editable matrix. This level or organization allows employees to see only the most useful information, without losing track of other projects.

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Maintenance Tracking
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Residential Properties
Work Order Management
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Windows phone
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Medium business
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