Workforce Management

What is Workforce Management software?

Workforce Management software automates the distribution of employee working hours. Furthermore, it also helps to keep track of employee attendance. This is a process that can take a long time and hold up resources when done manually, so having software doing it efficiently can relieve some strain from Human Resource departments; allowing them to focus on improving other areas of HR tasks.

There are different trends you need to understand when evaluating what Workforce Management software to use:

Vendors are consolidating software
Software vendors are acquiring best-of-breed systems in order to integrate them with their full software suites. This is great for buyers looking for fully integrated suites, but less good for buyers who only require to buy certain specific modules to integrate with their existing suites. It is important to bare this in mind when looking at purchasing workforce management software.

Software deployment models
At lot more HR software can now be purchased as Web-based applications, using the Software as a Service model rather than hosting it on-premise. Web-based solutions offer a lot of flexibility for its users, and they require less upfront costs. Furthermore, software maintenance is taken care of by the vendor itself. There are still advantages to using the other method, so you should carefully weigh the pros and cons between Software as a Service and on-premise software installations.

Key Features

Here are the common features involved in Workforce Management software:

Tracking personnel
Putting all employee data together; from contract information to past employment.

Employee time and attendance
Tracking employees work attendance, as well as any absences. This system will allow staff to clock in and out of work. Most solutions will also track sick days; providing alerts should employees miss work.

Clocking in functionality
This is essential to any workforce management software. It enables workers to clock in and out of work so that their working hours are recorded and their attendance checked. Time and attendance systems will be compatible with card systems or will simply record staff attendance based on their computer logins.

Time-off management
This particular module will deal with authorised absences such as paid-time-off, holidays and sick days by keeping track of the usage of those authorised absences.

Why Use Applicant Tracking software

There are many benefits to purchasing and using Workforce Management software:

  • Human resources departments can waste a lot of time over manual workforce management tasks. By reducing the time and labour required to do such tasks, time and attendance software allows HR departments to focus bettering some of their other workloads.
  • Tracking the workforce manually can lead to a lot of errors. A good software system will help to reduce the amount of human errors, leading to less conflict and issues about paid or unpaid hours.
  • Better planning and scheduling of workforce hours helps Human Resources departments in a great way, it also helps with more to create reports faster and more accurately.
  • Tracking the workforce’s time and attendance ensures compliance with work, labor, and other laws. This way a company always stays in the good books, and this is of benefit to the employees also.

Your use of Workforce Management software will vary depending on your needs and the needs of your business:

  • Small businesses with a small amount of employees will benefit from having at least a basic time clock system put into place. It will still help to manage the workforce, and It will also allow self-employed people working alone to account for their own working hours. Some vendors offer free employee time clock software so there are no real reasons for small businesses not to use such functionality.
  • Mid-sized and growing businesses will benefit from using a workforce management system that can integrate with some of their more basic payroll and job costing applications. A best-of-breed system based around staff attendance and payroll might be the ideal way to help managing the workforce.
  • Larger businesses who already have a Human Resource departments will want workforce management software to be part of their other existing Human Resource Management Systems. That way it can be linked with payroll and other relevant HR systems. A more integrated approach is the better one in this situation.

Reflexis Workforce Manager is an ACA-compliant solution that helps mid-sized and large companies in the retail, hospitality, and quick service restaurant verticals manage employee scheduling, attendance, budgeting, labor forecasting, and employee self-service.Reflexis Workforce Manager can increase manager efficiency and store revenue by aligning workforce schedules with customer demand in the aisles. It can help eliminate error-prone, paper-based labor management processes by generating optimized schedules factoring in variables such as customer demand, employee skills & preferences, store characteristics, and labor laws. It uses retail-centric labor optimization algorithms built at MIT's Operations Research Lab to rapidly generate labor schedules. Analytics and reporting allows leaders to build and share reports that analyze customer and workforce data and provide insight into productivity and customer engagement.

WorkForce Suite

by WorkForce Software

The Workforce Suite from WorkForce Software offers an enterprise-level workforce management suite for large companies to track employee hours, manage schedules and leaves and more. The system allows for complete configuration and is entirely web-based.The WorkForce Suite can be integrated with any HCM/Payroll system and supports numerous data capture options, including time clock hardware, web interface and mobile devices. The solution allows for the automation of complex pay rules and compliance requirements through custom configuration.


by PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter helps in automating manual processes and consolidating talent and workforce management processes in a single system. The integrated suite comprises of three main modules—PeopleMatter HIRE, LEARN and SCHEDULE. PeopleMatter HIRE automates recruiting, applicant tracking, employment screening and onboarding processes in one centralized software system. Integration with major job boards and social media networks, coupled with a mobile-friendly job application system helps recruiters attract more candidates from multiple sources.PeopleMatter LEARN is a learning management system that allows companies to create training courses, assign content to employees and track progress and comprehension. PeopleMatter SCHEDULE optimizes employee scheduling by allowing managers to control labor costs, while creating schedules that are compliant with labor laws, company policies and employee preferences.

Pilat HCM

by Pilat HR Solutions

With 40+ years of experience in software, Pilat works with companies of every size, many of them global, developing full HCM solutions in addition to individual tailor-made SaaS HCM modules. Their library of HCM templates provides a customization starting point for challenges in Performance & Goal Management, Talent Management, Succession, Employee Engagement & Retention, Compensation Planning and Merit Management, Workforce Planning, Employee Development, and Transition Management.

PeopleStrategy eHCM

by PeopleStrategy

PeopleStrategy eHCM® is an enterprise-level, cloud-based human capital managment (HCM) solution. It features integrated payroll, HRIS, employee and manager self-service, applicant tracking, benefits administration, workforce management, performance management, compliance, reporting and analytics.eHCM gives users self-service capabilities and provides a consistent user experience across any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone). It is designed to help reduce costs, increase productivity and improve employee engagement.

EPAY Human Capital Management is an integrated HR system that helps midsize and large companies track, manage and pay their employees. EPAY Systems specializes in industries like business services, staffing, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality.Functions of EPAY HCM include applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits administration, workforce management, time tracking and payroll. Alongside core HR functionality, you can track benefits, schedule employees, track time and attendance and process payroll. The system helps recruit talent and automates the hiring and onboarding process, eliminating manual data entry.

ConnX is a viable option for almost any type of company, from accounting businesses to staffing agencies, and provides a range of features to help each customer individualize their solution. Within ConnX, users are able to manage the recruitment process and allow direct input from line managers; track positions, budgets, and allocations; manage performance reviews including probationary actions and completions on specific improvement tasks; store employee documents online and automate manual forms; and centralize company property for all employees to easily allocate and return. ConnX also helps employers answer multiple payroll questions by giving employees access to tools that show their payment summaries and current vacation hours.


by PeopleStreme

Peoplestreme provides a fully integrated Human Capital Management software suite.Their platform is made up of more than 22 separate software modules, including Performance Management, Learning & Development, eRecruitment, OnBoarding, Employee Surveys (Engagement, Attachment, Exit), Talent Management, Remuneration, Employee Self Service, Workforce Analytics, and more.


by HCM

Developed and built in the industry's leading cloud computing platform,, FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM) is a fully integrated Human Capital Management solution that helps small and medium businesses manage every facet of the employee lifecycle, from hire to retire.FinancialForce HCM includes modules for Core HR, applicant tracking and recruiting, onboarding, compensation management, learning management, and much more.


by engagedly

Engagedly is a web-based workforce management solution that offers integrated applications to manage on-boarding, employee learning, performance review, and goal management. The software focuses on communication and collaboration among employees.The Rewards tool attributes points to different actions which can then be awarded to employees to recognize them for meeting goals. Objectives and key results can be tracked within a system, so employees are able to monitor where they measure up. The software tracks core competencies, providing management with information to make decisions and plans for their team’s development. Engagedly also has the option of sending surveys for company feedback.

ClockVIEW by Acumen

by Acumen Data Systems

Track your employees’ time accurately, across the board, and in real-time. Choose your device—from mobile apps to biometric time clocks to web-based time clocks to interactive voice response via telephone.Acumen is workforce management, rules-driven software that fully integrates with all payroll systems, HR, ERP or in-house systems. For all industries from accounting to education to manufacturing to professional service organizations to nonprofits and more. Cloud-based or on-premises, the choice is yours.

Connecteam Time Clock is a workforce management system that is suitable for companies from a range of industries including retail, food and beverage, transportation, construction, and healthcare. Companies can create and personalize their own app for employees using Connecteam’s product.Real-time communication is available through chats, updates, and notifications. Employees can develop their job-specific skills using Connecteam Time Clock’s training courses, procedure manuals, product catalogs, and surveys. The dashboard allows employers to manage business from one location. Features of the dashboard include asset management, employee performance and productivity tracking, and real-time workforce insights.

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