Time and Attendance

What is Time and Attendance software?

Recording and keeping track with employee work hours can be a time consuming task, and that is what Time and Attendance Software is here to help with. He idea is for the system to manage the schedules of a company’s employees by tracking their attended hours. Furthermore it will also help to keep records on overtime, holidays, sick leave and other absences.

There are different trends you need to understand when evaluating what Time and Attendance Software to use:

Software specialism is on the rise
One of the most expanding sector is the services industry, and this particular type of industry has high demands when it comes to tracking employee productivity, due to the nature of the business. There is therefore a high demand for service-based Time and Attendance Software.

A change in working hours
Working hours have changed and there is a demand for software to manage and track flexible working hours. This is because more companies are offering flexible hours as a way to manage their employees, and it is therefore crucial that time and attendance software should be able to track employee attendance in those conditions.

Software deployment models
Web-based software is seeing a huge level of adoption by companies and organizations across the world. In fact the best time and Attendance software available uses this method of delivery. In-house hosting is a less popular method of deployment for this specific type of software.

Key Features

Here are the common features involved in Time and Attendance Software:

Integration with payroll
Time and Attendance software should be able to integrate with other payroll systems. Alternatively, some Time and Attendance software will offer payroll functionalities.

Estimating jobs
By using past data, the system should be able to determine the future cost of jobs by determining how many working hours and how much staff should be assigned to said project.

Clocking in functionality
This is essential to any time and attendance software. It enables workers to clock in and out of work so that their working hours are recorded and their attendance checked. Time and attendance systems will be compatible with card systems or will simply record staff attendance based on their computer logins.

Compliance and regulations
The system will make sure that employees are taking their mandatory breaks as dictated by the laws of health and safety. Data will be kept for future use.

Time-off management
This particular module will deal with authorised absences such as paid-time-off, holidays and sick days by keeping track of the usage of those authorised absences.

Mobile functionalities
Some systems will offer a good level of mobile integration, with either browser compatible of native web-app support. This will help employees who spend a lot of time at different sites as they are able to clock-in remotely by using their mobile phones or tablets.

Why Use Time and Attendance software

There are many benefits to purchasing and using Time and Attendance software:

  • A lot of time can get taken out of a human resources department over manual time and attendance tasks. By reducing the time and labour required to do such tasks, time and attendance software allows HR departments to focus bettering some of their other workloads.
  • Errors can often be made, especially when tracking attendance manually. A good software system will help to reduce the amount of human errors, leading to less conflict and issues about paid or unpaid hours.
  • Better planning and scheduling of payments helps payroll in a great way, it also helps with more to create reports faster and more accurately.
  • Compliance with work, labor, and other laws insures a company always stays in the good books, and it naturally benefits its employees too.

Your use of Time and Attendance software will vary depending on your needs and the needs of your business:

  • Small businesses and self employed people will benefit hugely from having at least a basic time clock system put into place. It will help tracking a small amount of employees, but it can also allow self-employed people working in solo to account for their own working hours. Some vendors offer free employee time clock software, sometimes even offering job costing functions.
  • Mid-sized and growing businesses might not have the need for a full HRMS suite, but they will still be looking at obtaining Time and Attendance tools that can integrate with some of their more basic payroll and job costing applications. Here, a best-of-breed system based around payroll and staff attendance might be the ideal way to track and report on employee attendance.
  • Larger businesses will have a Human Resource departments. They will want Time and Attendance software to be part of their other existing Human Resource Management Systems. That way it can be linked with payroll and other relevant HR systems. A more integrated approach is the better one in this case.


by Hawkeye Technology

TimeClick by Hawkeye Technology is an on-premise time and attendance system for small to midsize businesses. The solution serves a wide range of industries including banking, engineering, health care and retail.With TimeClick, employees can clock in and out themselves by selecting their name from a customized menu and entering their password. The solution is also capable of clocking time for breaks, lunch and other ad hoc initiatives. To ensure the times recorded are accurate, TimeClick offers a feature called “Workstation Sync Time;” which allows each computer on the network to automatically synchronize their clocks to one computer. Administration mode within the software provides password-restricted access to the entire data and is accessible from any computer on the network.


by SutiSoft

SutiHR is a suite of human resources (HR) applications that can be implemented in companies in a variety of industries. Key features include personnel tracking, payroll, time and attendance, performance review, employee self-service and on-boarding.SutiHR offers employee on-boarding tools like applicant tracking, applicant dashboards and e-notifications. Interviews can be arranged with SutiHR’s scheduling calendar and automatic email notifications. With the employee self-service portal, employees can manage their own information, training, benefits, reporting and more. The portal also includes group and commenting capabilities.


by WebHR

WebHR is social human resources software that tracks and assists with the lifecycle of employment from the time an employee is hired, to their retirement. The platform helps bridge the gap between human resources professionals and information technology.The system’s functionalities include personnel tracking, payroll with multi-currency and multi-language support, benefits administration, applicant tracking, applicant sourcing, onboarding, and performance review. With the time and attendance feature managers can track their employees hours and the system integrates with most biometric devices such as finger scanning or card readers.

EPAY Human Capital Management is an integrated HR system that helps midsize and large companies track, manage and pay their employees. EPAY Systems specializes in industries like business services, staffing, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality.Functions of EPAY HCM include applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits administration, workforce management, time tracking and payroll. Alongside core HR functionality, you can track benefits, schedule employees, track time and attendance and process payroll. The system helps recruit talent and automates the hiring and onboarding process, eliminating manual data entry.


by MHR

iTrent is not restricted to any industry or size of company and offers companies personnel tracking, applicant tracking, learning management, payroll, applicant sourcing, goal management, benefits administration, on-boarding management, employee scheduling, time and attendance, and compensation management solutions. It offers real-time reporting on all HR processes to help guide workforce decisions.

StarGarden HCM

by StarGarden

StarGarden offers Core HR functionality in an integrated HCM platform, featuring applications like Payroll, Time and Attendance, Benefits Administration, Applicant Tracking and Onboarding, Employee Scheduling, Goal Management, and Performance Reviews. Recruiting, Onboarding, Training, and Performance can all be found in one place, allowing employers to post jobs, transfer successful applicants to employee status, and enroll current employees in training programs to manage their skills and give performance feedback. StarGarden’s Payroll module integrates with automated time clocks, tracking time worked, vacations, and leave, and can also manage absences and wage garnishments. StarGarden features a module for data and analytics, giving employers insight into their organization through dashboards and pre-defined reports.

Optimum Solutions

by Optimum Solutions

Optimum HRIS is a flagship human resource management solution from Optimum Solutions, offering payroll, HR and time & attendance management features. The solution is used across various industry verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, retail and transportation. Optimum HRIS offers the flexibility of being hosted on a cloud or deployed locally as an on-premise application.Optimum HRIS offers robust payroll software system which helps organizations adhere to ACA/OSHA/HIPAA and many other government requirements of payroll processing and reporting. The system is capable of calculating taxes, managing employee benefits, generating and submitting tax forms. Businesses can directly deposit the employee salary into the registered bank account or print checks for them.


by Infinisource

With more than 25 years in the industry, Infinisource recognizes the importance of your human capital. iSolved by Infinisource is a comprehensive, highly scalable suite of applications that contains all the tools you need to effectively manage and grow that human capital, all accessible from a single login and database.From a single source, HR and payroll managers can schedule upcoming shifts, review overtime, write performance reports, elect benefits, and preview payroll in real-time, all without having to navigate away from the system. The system was also designed to grow with your company, so as your needs expand, so do iSolved's capabilities.


by TimeIPS

TimeIPS is a complete time and attendance system for companies in a wide range of industries. The system is a competitive choice to businesses seeking a single, comprehensive solution to improve accuracy within time-tracking and payroll. By automating time and attendance tracking, TimeIPS can help save money by quickly preparing information for payroll, while also eliminating mistakes inherent to calculating time cards manually.TimeIPS offers many features that are unique to the system, including the complete management of benefits, scheduling, overtime, auditing, work orders and even tips or bonus pay. Electronic benefit requests and approvals save valuable company time, and electronic timesheet approvals make employee management simple and more efficient. The system can be customized and offers a number of custom data fields, as well as a custom report writer and numerous built-in reports.

With ISGUS Time Management, you have a scalable Time and Attendance solution that can be tailored to your business now, and adapt as your needs and requirements evolve. In addition to Time and Attendance, ISGUS Time Management also includes capabilities for employee scheduling and absence management, as well as additional feature for a biometric fingerprint clock and mobile accessibility.ISGUS Time Management lowers administrative workload by centralizing time clocks, attendance, and scheduling into a single, user-friendly system. By automating these routine tasks, you reduce the need for manual schedule management while also lowering costs. At the same time, Time and Attendance by ISGUS allows you to define the most flexible, optimal time patterns according to a number of variables, all customized to your unique needs.


by NOVAtime Technology

NOVAtime is an automated time and attendance solution suitable for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.This Web-based system offers simple online interfaces for administrators and supervisors, as well as employee self-service for time reports, scheduling and time-off requests.

Workforce Central is an automated solution that enables organizations to manage schedules, track time and attendance, manage attendance and leave policies and measure productivity. Additional features give managers insight into labor demands, worker availability and scheduling across the organization. The user interface includes one-click access to frequently used features and a customizable employee self-service portal. Suite-wide reporting and analytics provide managers with visibility into standardized data via alerts and dashboards.

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