Mobile Apps for HR

What are Mobile Apps for Human Resources?

Human Resources mobile apps allow the users to achieve HR tasks on the go by having access to the right programs on their mobile devices.  HR employees can adjust employee shift schedules whilst employees can request paid time-off , check their pay stubs and other mobile functionalities. Most of those systems will be cloud based, allowing users to access them wherever they are.

There are a market trends you need to understand when evaluating what mobile HR apps to use:

Mobile functionality
Mobile software is often a shrunk down version of the real software, meaning that it often lacks certain functionalities. This is due to the platform being used, offering smaller screen size as well as other factors such as mobile data constraints. It is important to make sure your mobile apps offer the functions that you require.

Different users
Employees and trainees will have different needs than managers, and it is important that their access to HR systems is reflected by their current position. Different user permissions must be set in so that the right people can access the right part of the mobile app; and it is important that your mobile software allows you to do that.

Android, IOS or windows?
It is important that your mobile apps are available to the mobile platforms being used by your trainers, learners, managers and employees. You therefore need to survey your employees to find out what devices they are using so you can purchase the appropriate and compatible software.

Key features

Here are the common features involved in Mobile Apps for HR:

Recruiting of personnel
This allows managers to handle new candidates by reading their applications and resumes. Furthermore, job listings can be shared for potential new employees to see.

Managing learning
Learning courses can be done on trainees and employees mobile devices, allowing them to complete assessments and allowing trainers and management to review the performance of said training program.

Payroll on the go
Payroll can be calculated and ran on the go, pay stubs can be checked and adjustments can be made.

Reviewing employee performance
Stats relevant to employee performance can be accessed via mobile, and those can be managed and shared to the relevant staff.

Managing attendance on the go
Employee hours can be monitored, with information on shifts and clock times. Furthermore, time-off requests and holidays can be dealt with on the go.

Tracking employee details
This allows to manage employee details such as job information and contact details. Also, team information can be accessed.

Why Use mobile HR apps

There are many benefits to purchasing and using mobile apps for HR:

  • HR tasks can be done remotely, meaning that HR staff doesn’t always have to be on premise to get things done. HR tasks can now be done across different work sites by the same employee or manager. This gives HR more flexibility and gets HR tasks done quicker.
  • Payroll issues can potentially be solved out of office hours, giving the HR system more flexibility to meet the needs of its employees. This results in higher employee satisfaction, which in turn leads to happier  staff and better productivity.
  • By being able to update their personal details themselves, employees have more flexibility to take on HR tasks upon themselves without the need to ask HR for help, saving HR department a lot of time.
  • Some mobile apps offer an offline mode, meaning users can still access some information even if they are not connected to the internet. This is different from using online services via a browser, where online connection is required.
  • Mobile apps are optimized to work best on their respective platform, as opposed to accessing services from a web browser. This means apps are better optimized for screen size and data requirements, making them often easier to use than their web-browser counterparts.

Your use of mobile HR apps will vary depending on your needs and the needs of your business:

  • Organizations which are spread across different sites will benefit from an online and cloud based software solution. This will allow different staff to have access to the software on the go across the different company sites.
  • Companies with a lot of staff will definitely benefit from employees being able to access their own information and make the relevant modifications. This will save management countless hours in updating employee info and sending out personal info to their staff.
  • However, it is worth noting that depending on what sort of business you are, you might not want staff to be able to append their info. Companies dealing with privacy and secrecy will probably want HR to stay in charge of all employee details.
  • Furthermore, mobile access to staff information could lead to bad things should that information land into the right hands. This is the case again that if a company has to prioritize on secrecy and safety of data, then using mobile apps could become a flaw which can be exploited to gain access to company information.

This cloud-based solution incorporates recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation planning, time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, payroll and more.

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