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What is Human Resources software?

Human resources (HR) software can help to manage a larger workforce more efficiently. The automation of processes such as benefits administration, personnel tracking and payroll can lead to greatly increased productivity. Furthermore, HR software can help manage, develop and recruit its human assets. Businesses with a growing workforce will also benefit from such systems.

There are a market trends you need to understand when evaluating what software to use and which firms to hire:

Software as a Service is getting more popular
SaaS, also known as web-based solutions are now an important part of the business world. Those online applications can be easily accessed by Human Resources staff and other employes via most electronic devices which support an internet connection. Customisation options for this sort of service are often limited so they might not always support a company’s unique needs.

Bringing cloud based HR software together
HR software vendors have recently been consolidating as many applications possible under the same suite. This allows HR departments to track their employee’s full life-cycle as part of their organization. Many best-of-breed providers are being bought by larger vendors who are looking to extend the reach of their software solutions. Buyers of such solutions will mostly benefit from those larger corporations as they have larger resources. It is important that software buyers lock the rates and service maintenance terms as part of their contracts; to allow for more flexibility down the line.

The consumerization of HR Software
Mobile apps can now manage HR on the go, and social media is now being used as a recruiting tool. The change and evolution of those consumer technologies allows vendors to increase their system’s collaborative capabilities by developing better user interfaces. Third party reviews are now one of the best way to determine how good a vendor is and how well their software solutions work.

Types of human resource software

Human resource software should cover all the necessary aspects of an HR department. Here are the main applications:

Administration of benefits
This allows to manage the benefits of employees; including medical, dental and life insurance as well as participation towards 401k. This also include paid time off.

Tracking personnel
Putting all employee data together; from contract information to past employment.

Human resources payroll
Tracking employee salaries, including 401 k contributions along with health and other salary deductions .

Employee time and attendance
Tracking employees work attendance, as well as any absences. This system will allow staff to clock in and out of work. Most solutions will also track sick days; providing alerts should employees miss work.

Scheduling of employees
Helps to schedule different employees across different departments, projects and locations; providing alerts when employee levels are not enough.

Applicant tracking systems
Lets recruiters store applicant information into the one centralized database. Monitoring applicant status as well as tracking the candidates are all integrated with other HR applications.

Performance review software
Helps supervisors to track reviews with employees by tracking performance and managing goals.

Learning and development software
Establishes a database which helps to monitor new employees with their training and skills development.

Why Use human resource software?

The benefit of using human resource software solutions is vast and goes a long way into helping to make a human resource department better and more efficient:

  • Time is saved on administration, allowing HR staff to prioritise on the most important tasks when managing staff.
  • Better knowledge of employees, allowing for better management of human resources.
  • Less payroll errors, staff gets the right amounts paid on time. This increases staff happiness, which in turns increases their performance.
  • Better learning, employees continue to grow and develop to their fullest potential.
  • Streamlining of strategic processes, ensures a company is using its staff as efficiently as possible.

Your use of software will of course depend on your needs and the needs of your business:

  • Small to mid-size businesses looking to streamline their HR administrative tasks should look into getting an integrated HR suite. That way the most basic HR functions will be automated within the once easy-to-use system.
  • Enterprises looking to scale their workforce quickly will want to boost their efficiency when hiring and recruiting new candidates. This can be done by using a best-of-breed applicant tracking solution; which can post jobs automatically to various outlets; including job boards and social media. This will help to build a strong database of candidates.
  • A company in charge of staff working across multiple shifts will need tools which are better at tracking the workforce, assigning shifts and dealing with requests for time-off. Using software which features a built-in payroll system is essential to run massive payroll tasks to make sure all hours worked are paid for.
  • Businesses who want to keep their best employees will want to make sure they develop their workforce. Some software solutions look at talent management by appraising staff performance whilst other solutions will work by gathering feedback from peers. There are also other employee training tools which can really help with making employee productivity better.

Reflexis Workforce Manager is an ACA-compliant solution that helps mid-sized and large companies in the retail, hospitality, and quick service restaurant verticals manage employee scheduling, attendance, budgeting, labor forecasting, and employee self-service.Reflexis Workforce Manager can increase manager efficiency and store revenue by aligning workforce schedules with customer demand in the aisles. It can help eliminate error-prone, paper-based labor management processes by generating optimized schedules factoring in variables such as customer demand, employee skills & preferences, store characteristics, and labor laws. It uses retail-centric labor optimization algorithms built at MIT's Operations Research Lab to rapidly generate labor schedules. Analytics and reporting allows leaders to build and share reports that analyze customer and workforce data and provide insight into productivity and customer engagement.


by talentReef

Founded in 2008, talentReef is a Web-based talent management suite. The system is designed for companies with hourly workers working at multiple locations, such as those in the food and beverage, retail, distribution, and hospitality industries.talentReef's social recruiting and applicant tracking system (ATS) allows candidates to apply online. HR and hiring managers can use the system’s onboarding functionality to process paperwork electronically and get new hires up and running quickly. Managers can also filter best-fit applicants and ensure other possible hires are released to the rest of the talent pool for other opportunities.

WorkForce Suite

by WorkForce Software

The Workforce Suite from WorkForce Software offers an enterprise-level workforce management suite for large companies to track employee hours, manage schedules and leaves and more. The system allows for complete configuration and is entirely web-based.The WorkForce Suite can be integrated with any HCM/Payroll system and supports numerous data capture options, including time clock hardware, web interface and mobile devices. The solution allows for the automation of complex pay rules and compliance requirements through custom configuration.


by HRBoss

HiringBoss helps users manage the end-to-end hiring process by taking users from job requisition to posting jobs on a single Applicant Tracking platform.The software assists with job requisition, posting jobs, reviewing candidates, scheduling interviews, sending emails, parsing of CVs, generating offer letters and ultimately hiring the right person for the job. HiringBoss is also integrated with local and international job boards and social networks.

Jobscience is a web-based applicant tracking and applicant-sourcing tool. From within the system, users can create job requisitions and automatically post them to their corporate careers page, as well as their corporate social profiles, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Recruiters can also proactively search for candidates using the system’s sourcing function, pulling in lists of candidates from their own social networks.


by Hawkeye Technology

TimeClick by Hawkeye Technology is an on-premise time and attendance system for small to midsize businesses. The solution serves a wide range of industries including banking, engineering, health care and retail.With TimeClick, employees can clock in and out themselves by selecting their name from a customized menu and entering their password. The solution is also capable of clocking time for breaks, lunch and other ad hoc initiatives. To ensure the times recorded are accurate, TimeClick offers a feature called “Workstation Sync Time;” which allows each computer on the network to automatically synchronize their clocks to one computer. Administration mode within the software provides password-restricted access to the entire data and is accessible from any computer on the network.


by SutiSoft

SutiHR is a suite of human resources (HR) applications that can be implemented in companies in a variety of industries. Key features include personnel tracking, payroll, time and attendance, performance review, employee self-service and on-boarding.SutiHR offers employee on-boarding tools like applicant tracking, applicant dashboards and e-notifications. Interviews can be arranged with SutiHR’s scheduling calendar and automatic email notifications. With the employee self-service portal, employees can manage their own information, training, benefits, reporting and more. The portal also includes group and commenting capabilities.


by VidCruiter

While many Applicant Tracking systems put a good amount of emphasis on managing resumes and paperwork, VidCruiter takes a completely different approach, revolutionizing the way companies evaluate candidates. By allowing users to watch recorded interviews at their own pace, the system makes the most of the often limited time recruiters have for interviewing candidates and scoring applications.With VidCruiter, recruiters can decide how many (or how few) questions need to be asked to determine whether or not a candidate is a good fit for a position, and present those questions in each application. From there, applicants can record their answers to each question, allowing recruiters to get the most accurate picture of how applicants present themselves.


by PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter helps in automating manual processes and consolidating talent and workforce management processes in a single system. The integrated suite comprises of three main modules—PeopleMatter HIRE, LEARN and SCHEDULE. PeopleMatter HIRE automates recruiting, applicant tracking, employment screening and onboarding processes in one centralized software system. Integration with major job boards and social media networks, coupled with a mobile-friendly job application system helps recruiters attract more candidates from multiple sources.PeopleMatter LEARN is a learning management system that allows companies to create training courses, assign content to employees and track progress and comprehension. PeopleMatter SCHEDULE optimizes employee scheduling by allowing managers to control labor costs, while creating schedules that are compliant with labor laws, company policies and employee preferences.

Pilat HCM

by Pilat HR Solutions

With 40+ years of experience in software, Pilat works with companies of every size, many of them global, developing full HCM solutions in addition to individual tailor-made SaaS HCM modules. Their library of HCM templates provides a customization starting point for challenges in Performance & Goal Management, Talent Management, Succession, Employee Engagement & Retention, Compensation Planning and Merit Management, Workforce Planning, Employee Development, and Transition Management.


by Cost Management Services

iRecruit offers organizations of all sizes a way to optimize applicant tracking and electronic onboarding. This mobile-friendly solution is easy to configure and use, giving HR departments, recruiters and hiring managers the ability to post and track positions themselves, without the need to involve IT.iRecruit centralizes recruiting and onboarding, working within the company's website to create a branded career portal so candidates can search, select and apply for positions. iRecruit adds additional value by integrating Work Opportunity Tax Credit.


by HireHive

HireHive is a cloud-based applicant tracking solution for small and midsize businesses. It helps companies to post and manage open positions on job boards and social media.With HireHive, users can post to job boards including Trovit, Indeed and Simply Hired. They can also set up interviews via phone, online or on-site with personalized invitations to candidates and colleagues. Additionally, users can track and analyze recruiting data from various channels.

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