WorkWave Route Manager will automatically consider all constraints, including vehicle load limits, comparing against administrator-defined settings, and warn users of violations. It provides dispatchers the tools to optionally fine-tune Route Manager leveraging their local business knowledge, with drag and drop, route locking and best-fit functions. It also helps users compare live routes in real time with scheduled stops to help them identify critical issues and trends.


by Collective Data

Collective Data software tracks detailed data on any asset in the company, with unlimited files or images attached to each asset. With its maintenance management, users have access to vehicle repair histories, maintenance schedules and work orders and can be notified via email when service is due. Carefully tracking inventory can save costs by reducing unused parts on hand, while the risk, warranty and license management help ensure the organization recoups on warranties and remains compliant.


by TomTom Telematics

WEBFLEET allows users to track the precise locations of all of their vehicles. Vehicles and their locations are viewable in real-time, on street-level maps. Users can access this information from any device connected to the Internet.

Dossier Fleet Maintenance

by Dossier Systems

Dossier fleet maintenance management software is designed to help executives, fleet managers and line staff capture, measure and analyze the dynamics of their company’s fleet maintenance and operating costs. It also provides advanced reporting with decision support tools.


by ClearPathGPS

ClearPathGPS is a "no contract" service, which allows seasonal users to cancel or suspend service on any vehicle at any time. Functionalities include live GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, virtual timecards, geofences and automatic fleet maintenance tracking.

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