Event Management

What is event management software?

Event management software allows businesses to streamline the steps involved in promotional events. This involves automating the organizing, planning as well as the marketing processes. Event management software will help to facilitate things like ticketing, event registration, seat allocations and on-site operations management; among other functionalities.

There are a market trends you need to understand when evaluating what software to use and which firms to hire:

Managing attendees by using beacon technology
Beacons based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) can be used to personalise and customize the experience for people who attend an event. Attendees can receive a customized message upon entering an event, along with various notifications to help guide their way around the event. Furthermore, beacons can connect different attendees with each other; encouraging further engagement and potentially leading to more people registering to future events.

Analysing and using big Data
Customer preferences can be determined by collecting a wide array of data based on the customer’s electronic activities. Shopping preferences as well as social media posts can help businesses to serve customized content to their users and future customers.

Types of event management software

Event management software should cover all the necessary aspects to manage an event. Here are the main applications:

Managing event attendees
Improves the attendee experience by creating functions such as guest list management, customized registrations, specific seating arrangements as well as polls for further attendee engagement. Escorting of attendees by certain qualified staff, as well as facilitating travel arrangements for attendees can also part of the package.

Event registration
Allows users to either accept or decline invitations and registrations for specific events; both online and offline. Some software will even allow users to reserve rooms, tables and venues.

Managing venues for events
The user can search for and find potential venues; with detailed room and floor layouts. Booths can be allocated to specific exhibitors, with some solutions also facilitating event logistics including resources and catering.

Event ticketing system
Streamlines the sale of tickets and registrations via online and offline methods. Other functions include setting ticket prices as well as setting limits to the quantity of those tickets.

Reporting and analytics for events
Allows the creation of customized reports that can help users determine an event’s return on investment. Those reports use metrics such as budget and venue utilization, the engagement of the audience and the success of the event’s marketing.

Marketing for events
Businesses can create tailor made event websites, including launch emails as well as social media and push messages. Furthermore, promo codes can also be created for specific types of attendees.

Managing on-site activities
This allows the user to manage all event-related activities on location. This includes attendee name badges, using barcodes to check-in attendees, and easy check-ins with the help of self-service kiosks.

Event session management
The user can create and monitor content for exhibitions, sponsors and speakers. Furthermore users can create agendas for the event and can determine each session’s attendee interest levels.

Why Use event management software?

The benefit of using event management software solutions is vast and goes a long way into helping to make that event better, more efficient and more profitable:

  • Data management is made much easier. Having to manually administer those countless documents takes a long time; time freed by automating the process.
  • Efficiency is increased, as you will be able to track an event’s most relevant details through a well-organized user interface.
  • Attendee satisfaction is higher as they go through a more tailored and personalized experience, facing less stress and uncomforts.
  • More attendees show up as the distribution of tickets is made better. The right people are contacted to attend the right event.
  • Increased event profitability, with success being measured with more accuracy and learning through previous event’s mistakes.

Your use of software will of course depend on your needs and the needs of your business:

  • Large enterprises who specialize in large events will often host their events on-site whilst connecting those to other online events.as well as their offline equivalents. Large businesses should therefore find a solution that can integrate event registrations both online and offline. In this case, opting for a software suite that allows to pick certain modules depending on their needs is the best approach.
  • Mid-size to smaller businesses mostly specialize in certain areas, and as such they will want to consider a best-of-breed system according to which niche they specialize in. For example, a business focusing on holding online events will want to find a solution which offers online registration management as well as event marketing and reporting. On the other side, businesses which focus on on-site events will want their software features to focus around venue management; with on-site registration, guest management along with barcode scanning and badge printing.


by Regpack

Regpack's features include form management, allowing users to build customized forms to capture attendee details. These forms can also be embedded into the product website, helping to convert website visitors into event attendees.


by Gather

This platform offers features such as automatic mobile notifications and updates that allow owners to track staff schedules and event activities. A shared calendar and team messaging functionality allow teams to coordinate and collaborate from anywhere.


by etouches

etouches is a cloud-based event management platform that streamlines tasks in the event planning lifecycle. This system caters to the needs of small, midsized and enterprise-level customers in a variety of industries, such as nonprofit, finance, technology, media and entertainment and enterprises and event agencies.


by Bizzabo

Bizzabo offers event management capabilities such as event registration and ticketing, on-site check-in, PayPal and credit card integration, contacts management, sessions and agenda management and flexible price settings.


by Regpack

Regpack is a cloud-based event management software solution designed for small and midsize companies. This product offers event registration, attendee management, client management, event sponsorship and travel and ticketing functionalities in a single solution.

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