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What is Construction Service Management software?

Construction service management software, also knows as field service management software, allows companies to schedule and keep a track of all outside operations in the construction business. It provides a company’s representatives with customer information, supplies and parts information, as well as schedules and routes so that the company can be represented adequately and professionally.

There are different trends you need to understand when evaluating what field service management software to use:

Web-based software
Representatives spend most of their time out there in the field so they need a system that they can interact with in the office as much as on the road. Furthermore, those online tools allow managers to view their rep’s progress, and also allows for customers to make their own appointments with the reps.

Mobile apps for work on the go
Field work service apps are a market that was introduced as soon as Microsoft released their first Windows tablet in 2001. Now you can find field service apps across all major mobile devices, from iPhones to Windows 7 tablets, going through Android and even Blackberry.

Software as a Service is increasingly popular
The trend is to pay for a service hosted by the software vendor in monthly installments; rather than buying a full suite and hosting it with your company’s servers.

Key features

Here are the common features involved in construction field service management software:

Managing parts inventory
Increasing visibility into parts management allows for field operatives to deliver realistic customer expectations.

Technical scheduling
Reduce callbacks by having constant access to up-to-date customer contact and equipment information.

Service contract management
Keeping contract up to date by monitoring all contracts for renewals and cancellations.

Billing management
Automating the process of sending invoices and tracking them.

Preventive maintenance
Increasing efficiency by scheduling preventative maintenance at the same time as a service call.

Why Use Construction Field Service Management  software

There are many benefits to purchasing and using construction field service management software:

  • Scheduling appointments more accurately and densely avoids leaving large gaps in between appointments, which in turn reduces scheduling costs
  • By arranging more precise appointment times for technicians and representatives and by helping the reps or technician to determine the tools and parts needed for their appointments.field service systems will increase customer satisfaction.
  • Predictive maintenance can reduce parts inventory costs by predicting which parts will fail, also allowing for better part inventory management.
  • By calculating the most efficient routes and ways for representatives to make it to their appointments, clever route planning will also help to reduce fuel costs.

Your use of field service management software will vary depending on your needs and the needs of your business:

  • Small business buyers will benefit from field service software to go beyond using spreadsheets and Microsoft Outlook if they are looking to plan their orders and keep track of customer satisfaction through FSM capabilities.
  • Enterprise buyers work with multiple clients and will benefit from integrating all their data across different units into a centralized system.
  • Contract buyers have multiple different requirements for tracking customer satisfaction, tracking request fulfillment and passing on work requests.
  • Direct buyers have more simple needs as they work for firms that manage their own units. Those needs are more flexible and can be met by a many software vendors.

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