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What is Content Management software?

Content Management Software, also knows as Content Management System (CMS) is a software solution that allows businesses to store and organize all its documents; from records to invoices, as well as its multimedia files and social media content. This software market is often divided into 2 main groups: W-CMS which is a CMS for websites; and DMS, which takes care of electronic and printed documents not meant for the general public (reports, contracts…).

There are a market trends you need to understand when evaluating what software to use and which firms to hire:

Catering for collaborative work
More than ever before, content is now created by multiple creators, and this means that people need the right tools that can enable them to share, discuss and comment on ongoing collaborative work projects. Collaborative content management solutions are now an essential part of creating content.

Hosting CMS on the cloud
Web content and document management have seen a big shift towards the cloud. Whilst a lot of companies used to deal with their content on-premise with their own intranet; a lot more vendors are offering cloud-based alternatives to their once only on-premise software solutions,

Dealing with compliance
New laws now require strict requirements with regards to digital record keeping, with the focus being directed towards government, health organization and banks. A good document management system can help organizations within those highly-regulated industries to comply with those standards.

Types of Content Management software

Content Management software should cover all the necessary aspects of managing content. Here are the main applications:

Content publishing
Allows online publishing and authoring, with functionalities such as web page creation, blogging creation, text as well as other text editors. Also includes workflow management modules.

Support for ECommerce
Allows the creation and maintenance of an online Ecommerce store.

Creation of electronic forms
Helps to create online forms for online purchases or submitting other data online. Can help dealing with transactions.

Social networking functionalities
Readers can interact with a company’s published content, with features for social sharing and commenting.

Content distribution via intranet
Allows the creation of an internal and private website to distribute content to internal employees.

Capturing documents and processing images
Converting documents and images to digital form by scanning them.

Managing of digital asset
Deals with uploading and storing digital media such as images or videos, as well as organizing such materials.

Managing forms for different cases
Automatically generates forms for specific business processes, as well as automatically filling fields in those forms. Also allows those forms to be reviewed and approved.

Managing of contracts
Allows transactional content such as contracts and mortgages to be tracked and automated as part of the document lifecycle.

Managing of records
Organizes company records and allows for them to be moved around, archived and retrieved by the right personnel.

Managing of business processes
Focuses on businesses with a large volume of content, including tools such as business intelligence and workflow management,

Functions for reporting and analytics
Analyses documents, unstructured content and government compliance reports to bring out key hindsights.

Why Use Content Management software?

The benefit of using Content Management software solutions is vast and goes a long way into helping to manage content better, more efficiently and more profitably:

  • Companies can benefit from a safe documentation system which they can use to stay within government compliance.
  • The efficiency of digital record keeping is increased; with the process of scanning and uploading those documents being made easier.
  • The processes of cases and claims can be streamlined, saving countless working hours and avoiding human error.
  • Better content for public websites means readers and potential clients are getting better engaged with the company.

Your use of software will of course depend on your needs and the needs of your business:

  • Large firms need their CMS to interact with its multiple software systems. This will require further customization so that the process is secure and consistent across the whole organization. In this case, enterprise content management solutions are the best choice.
  • Small businesses looking at getting their content off their laptops and desktops and wanting to digitize their records and content will want a starter to a mid-range CMS system; depending on their budget.  It is a step towards modernizing their own business.
  • Departmental buyers want to manage content for a specific department of an enterprise. The needs for a Human resource department to handle confidential employee records will vary from that of a sales department which will want to integrate their content with their customer relationship management system.
  • Highly regulated industries such as government, healthcare and banks have more compliance requirements than any other industries. They also have very specific guidelines with regards to the handling and protection of sensitive data and documents. A CMS with further compliance, audits and reports functionalities will be the only choice.
  • Buyers looking to create a company website which works and looks good will want a good web content management system; whilst others will want a system that works better for online marketing and business. There are many W-CMS solutions out there that include a lot of tools for presentation as well as engaging with online readers.

FileHold is Enterprise grade document management software. With FileHold, going paperless is a snap; organizations can easily have all important documents archived in an organized, secure version controlled environment. FileHold streamlines electronic document workflow by creating order and rules for routing documents through their lifecycle, involving their creation, review, and approval. The workflow engine is flexible, while imposing the discipline that businesses need to stay organized. Within the workflow, users can add comments and make changes to documents and finally collect authorizations, so that important documents are easily approved.


by Salsify

Whether you're looking for a first product data management solution or you want to make your existing systems more powerful and accessible, Salsify;s product content management and syndication platform is for you. With Salsify, customers like Bosch, Mondelez, Simpli Home, Jarden Consumer, and hundreds more are able to quickly consolidate, manage, and publish accurate and compelling product information and digital assets to their retail, marketplace, and e-commerce channels to drive more sales.


by Highspot

In Highspot, users can browse and search content by many different filters including product line, customer segment, region or any other customizable feature.Highspot also includes a module for pitches. Users can email content from within the system, create custom links or send pitches through their own email systems. Users can then track activity for each email recipient.


by Showpad

Showpad delivers the worlds most intuitive sales enablement software, one that makes the content marketers create easy to find, present, share, and measure. Its the only software that allows you to effortlessly present and distribute your content through the sales team in a branded environment and easily measure its impact on individual sales meetings, allowing sales and marketing teams work better together to inspire customer loyalty, and close deals.

iAPPS Content Manager

by Bridgeline Digital

iAPPS combines robust content management capabilities with a marketing toolset to help companies create experiences, not pages. Available in both SaaS and on-premise hosting options.


by BrightInfo

BrightInfo doubles your conversion rate using a personalization algorithm that automatically analyzes visitor behavior and serves highly relevant content to each at suitable points during the natural browsing flow. BrightInfo runs autonomously and requires no extra-work from the site operator. A/B testing during free trial ensures BrightInfos impact on conversion rate is beyond reproach.


by Accellion

Kiteworks by Accellion offers enterprise organizations a secure file sharing and collaboration solution that enables internal and external sharing of content without requiring a VPN. The software provides content connectors to Box, Dropbox, EMC Documentum, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, One Drive, Windows File Share, and OpenText.

Exact Macola

by Exact

Macola is the ERP and business software that manufacturers and wholesale distributors trust to automate, grow and power their businesses.


by NAVEX Global

PolicyTech is a feature-rich Content Management solution from NAVEX Global. It offers flexible deployment options, as well as iPad and Mac compatibility. This comprehensive system can be used to increase the efficiency surrounding the authorship, approval, and distribution of a company’s documents and assets. Users of the system praise it as user-friendly, and current clients include industry leaders such as Toyota, Suntrust Bank, Kaiser, Archer Daniels Midland, Siemens, PNC Bank and Valero.


by eFileCabinet

Founded in 2001, eFileCabinet, Inc. has over 160,000 users all over the world. The system can be used by companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries such as accounting/financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare. It can be hosted on a company’s local network or as software-as-a service (SaaS) via the cloud depending on the user's needs.


by Box

Box is a Modern Content Management Platform for companies of all sizes and industries, offering security and controls administrators need with sharing and collaboration capabilities end users want. With Box users can access and collaborate on content across the globe simply and securely.

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